Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier

Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier
Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier
Covers 795 q. ft.
(32' x 25')

Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier Features:
Recessed Grip Handles
Remote Control
Water Reservoir
Plasmacluster Indicator Light
Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier - Next Generation of Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier Family with Double the Ion Generation Works Twice as Fast to Keep Your Air Dust, Allergens, Chemicals and Pathogens Free.
World's First Air Purifier that Replicates Nature's Own Air Purification Process.
Superior Quality Passive Air Purification System.

True HEPA Filter traps over 99.97% of all allergens and dust down to 0.3 micron.
Washable(!) Activated Granular Carbon Filter traps over 4000 chemicals and cigarette smoke.
Washable Pre Filter traps large dust particles and extends HEPA filter's lifetime.
Apatite Anti-Microbial Filter helps kill microbes and bacteria on contact.

Unique Plasmacluster Ion Active Air Purification Technology.
Patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCI) deactivates most airborne allergens including viruses, bacteria, microbes, mold spores, germs, fungi and other pollutants by creating the balanced shower of negative and positive ions.
New More Efficient Plasmacluster Ion Device generates Twice the Amount of negative and positive ions and works Twice as Fast to keep the air you breathe dust, allergens and pathogens free.

Brand New Ion Mist Feature.
Exclusive to the FPR65CX Air Purifier this feature uses a fine water mist to extend the lifetime of PCI's Positive & Negative Ion shower and helps inactivate contaminants on tactile surfaces.
The Water Mist also brings soothing relief from dry skin, nose and throat.
Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier Comes Ready-to-Use with All Filters Installed!
Requires Replacement Filters:

Sharp FZR65HFU Filter

- True HEPA Filter with Anti microbial layer.
- Activated Carbon Filter (washable reusable)

Sharp FZR6MFU Mist Filter

- Mist filter (washable reusable).
- Anti microbial pad.
Filters Lifetime: (under normal residential conditions)
- True HEPA Filter - 2 to 5 Years;
- Granular Carbon Filter - 2 to 5 Years.
- Mist Filter - up to 2 Years.

3-Speed Ultra Energy Efficient DC Electric Motor ensures Extra Quiet Operation.
Library Quiet Air Purifier - Up to 50 % Quieter than most other HEPA air purifiers.
AHAM Certified CADR, CFM: Dust - 209, Smoke - 213, Pollen - 205.
Maximum cleaning area - 795 q. ft. @ 2 air changes per hour.
Recommended cleaning area - 330 q. ft. @ 6 air changes per hour.
Ultra Low Power Consumption: Silent/Medium/High - 3.7 / 11 / 70 Watts.
Water tank Capacity - 0.42 Gal. (1.6 Liter).
Daily humidity output - 1.5 Gal. (5.76 Liter)
New Elegant Stylish Design Fits Perfectly in Any Decor.
Electronic Digital Controls conveniently placed at a top of the unit.
Choice of Full Auto, Special Program (Pollen), Manual Operating Modes.
3 Distinct Intelligent Sensors monitor Chemical, Dust, Temperature & Humidity levels, and adjust the operating mode of the unit automatically when in Auto Mode.
LED Color display displays current operating mode and Air condition.
Electronic Filter Monitor with LED lights reminds when to clean or replace filters.
Full function Remote Control adds extra convenience in operation.
Ultra-Slim Space Saving Design perfect for placement against the wall.
Built-In Off Timer: 1, 4 Hours.
Clean Air Outlet with deflector allows for direction air flow.
LED Color Indicator Light is On when the Plasmacluster Ions being Emitted.
Recessed grip handles on each side of the unit allow for simple movement.
Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - 1 Year.
Width / Depth / Height: - 16.7" x 10" x 24.4"
Product Weight - 19.8 lb.
 Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier N/A
Replacement Filters for Sharp FPR65CX Air PurifierSharp Filters
Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier. Technical Specification
 Air Filtration System 4-Stage Passive + Plasmacluster Ion Active System
 Pre Filter Polyester Based, Washable
 HEPA Filter 99.97% @ 0.3 True HEPA Filter
 Carbon Filter Washable Granular Carbon, 3 lbs.
 Anti Micobial Filter Apatite
 Ultra Violet (UV) Bulb No
 Ion Generator 2nd Generation Plasmacluster Ion Enhanced with Fine Vapor Mist
 Water Tank Capacity, Gal. 0.42
 Daily humidity Output, Gal. 1.5
 Ozone Production 0.01 ppm (particles per million). Five Times Lower than Consumer Electronics Safety Industry Standard of 0.05 ppm
 Filter Change/Clean Monitor Separate for HEPA and Carbon Filters with Indicator Lights
 Fan Rating, CFM 300 (estimated)
 Type of Electric Motor Ultra Energy Efficient DC Electric Motor
 Number of Speed Settings 3
 Air Flow by Speed, CFM 50 - 560
 Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM
Tobacco Smoke213
 Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft. 795 @ 2 air changes/hour
 Recommended Cleaning Area, sq. ft.330 @ 6 air changes/hour
 Level of Noise, dB < 28 (Low) / 50 (High)
 Power Consumption per Speed, Watts 3.7 (Silent) / 11 (Medium) / 70 (High); Standby Mode - 0.3 W
 Dimensions, inch. 16.7" (W) x 10" (D) x 24.4" (H)
 Weight, lbs. 19.8
 Manufacturer's Warranty, Years 1 Year Parts and Labor.

Important Notice!

Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier is Brand New Product Only!
Sharp FPR65CX Air Purifier comes Ready-to Use with All Filters Installed!
No Sales Tax and No Other Charges for All US Residents!
30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee*

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