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AllerAir was established as the air purifier manufacturer to address the growing concern about indoor air pollution and meet the demand for high efficiency air purifiers for residential, office, institutional and industrial air cleaning needs.
Since then AllerAir developed a wide variety of air purifier models for most specific air cleaning requirements and air purifier needs. What makes AllerAir filtration system different from most other air purifiers on the market is a combination of true HEPA filter with large amount of adsorbent in a separate canister. The adsorbent mix provides effective and long lasting removal of 4000 regular chemicals, or can be specifically formulated to deal with high concentrations of specific dangerous chemicals. The MAC-B (Mass Activated Carbon Bed) filter which features many pounds of activated carbon adsorbent have found variety of applications in many industries and public services including, medical facilities, dentistry, schools, office buildings, research and military facilities, etc.
The multiple studies of air quality issues along with the careful selection of air purifiers components and filtration materials produced the variety of specialty models designed for people with multiple or hyper chemical sensitivity (MCS model), tobacco smoke abatement units (DS), fire restoration, and many other applications.
With its all metal housing, powerful and energy efficient electric motor, AllerAir air purification equipment is efficient, flexible and has no substitute when it comes to durability, reliability, warranty and low operating cost.
AllerAir products have been chosen by prominent leaders in business, industry and public services such as: Mayo Clinic, IBM, the U.S. Army, etc.
AllerAir has also become the trusted name in air purification for countless contractors and many thousands of people who found relief from the respiratory distress with the help of AllerAir products.
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