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AirPura: AirPura Air Purifiers AirPura Filters.
AirPura - the manufacturer of AirPura air purifiers with all new AirPura Air Design improvements you've been looking and asking for.
AirPura company was established for the purpose of creating the completely new line of AirPura air purifiers which design is a merger of the advantageous features inherited from the previous generations of air purifiers with the completely new air design improvements gathered from the numerous customer's suggestions and requests.
With the Fan rating of 560 CFM(!) delivered by powerful, variable speed, vibration free one-piece Motor/Fan assembly, the long lasting oversized true HEPA filter and separate canister featuring 18 to 26 lbs.(!) of regular or enhanced carbon mix adsorbent, non off-gassing the all metal housing, the germicidal UV bulb, the air dynamic design of the clean air delivery system, etc. AirPura are likely the Most Powerful, Efficient, Quiet and Clean portable air purifiers available.
The recent model of AirPura air purifiers - AirPura P600 incorporates the latest discoveries in Nano-Technology, developed by Space research laboratories to offer the Most Effective and Speedy airborne chemical, odor and VOC abatement available today, along with the effective particle filtration and Microorganisms suppression. The Patent Pending TitanClean™ Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer in conjunction with the Germicidal UV bulb dramatically increases the range of dangerous airborne chemicals that can be neutralized safely and most effectively.
The undisputed advantages of AirPura air purifiers make them the air purifiers of choice for variety of applications where the demand for the perfectly filtered clean air is a highest priority.
AirPura are the air purifiers of choice for use in homes and offices, laboratories, dental clinics, medical facilities, day cares, schools, restaurants, bars, people with multiple or hyper chemical sensitivity, cigarette smoke abatement, fire restoration, and many others applications.

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