Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier.
Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier. W14 Effectively Humidifies Open Space up to 1700 sq. ft.

Bionaire W14 Whole House Digital Console Cool Mist Humidifier
Bionaire W14
Best for Room
up to 1700 sq. ft.
(50' x 34')

FilterCheck Monitor
Remote Control
Digital Control Panel

Extended life Wick Filter for increased performance and a longer lifetime.
Microban Antibacterial filter protection inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
99 % Efficiency Dual Filters clean air from all allergens and dust.


Employs one BWF1500 wick filter, two BAPF1500 dual air filters.
Filter's Lifetime: Wick Filter 2-3 Months, Air Filter - up to 6 months.

Three Low / Medium / High speed settings for variable humidity output.
Choice of Full Auto or Manual operating modes.
Exclusive airflow technology and patented fan blade design ensure quiet operation.
Filling Capacity - 5 Gallons ( 2 x 2.5 Gal.)
Daily moisture output - 10.0 Gallons.
Runs on one refill for up to 26 hours.
Level of Noise:
Low - Quiet (below 35 dB)
Medium - Slightly Noisy (below 45 dB)
High - Noisy (below 55 dB)
Maximum humidifying area (average constructions) - 1700 sq. ft.
Maximum humidifying area (tight constructions) - 3400 sq. ft.
Power consumption: Low/Medium/High - 60/100/150 Watts.


AccuSet Plus Digital Humidistat maintains precise humidity level automatically.
16-Hour Timer turns the unit On and Off at a preset time.
High visibility large LED displays current and set humidity levels.
Remote Control for additional Comfort and Convenience.
Certified GE Electric Motor Ensures Safe and Quiet Operation.
Humidistat operates within the humidity range 35% - 66% with 5% increment.
Built-in FilterCheck monitor tells when to replace the wick filter.
Super wide tank opening fits in most sinks.
Dishwasher safe base allows easy and trouble-free cleaning.
Removable water tank with soft, comfort grip handle.
Separate Power On and Refill indicator lights.
Lightweight portable design - easy to carry from room to room.

Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier comes with 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Width / Depth / Height: - 27.5" x 13" x 21"

Product Weight - 23 lb.
Shipping weight - 55 lb.
 Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier B/O

Replacement Filters:
Bionaire BAPF1500 Dual Filter
Bionaire BWF1500 Wick Filter

Important Notice!

Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier is a Brand New Product Only.
Bionaire W14 Whole House Console Humidifier Comes Ready to Use with all Filter installed.
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