Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater.
Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo. Triple Ceramic Element Ensures Wider Even Heat Dispersion.

Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater.
BCH4138 Galileo
750/1500 Watts
Heat Settings

Built-In Fan
Comfort Grip Handle
Galileo Wireless Control Center
Manual Control Panel
Three Highly Efficient Ceramic Elements provide 180 steady warmth.
Digital Programmable Thermostat maintains precise temperature level.
Integrated fan system provides extra deep heat distribution.
Certified GE electric motor ensures safe and extra quiet operation.

Two Low / High heat settings for variable heat selection.
Perfect for whole room convection heating.
Thermostat maintains desired temperature level.
Thermostat operates only when needed and provides energy efficiency.
Heat Output:
Low - 750 Watts
High - 1500 Watts
Power Consumption: 1600 Watts (max.)

Galileo Wireless Climate Center Provides Full Function Remote Operation.
Eleven-Level Safety Protection.
 Auto Safety Shut-Off turns the heater off in all overheat situations.
 Tip-Over Protection shuts-off heater if accidently knocked over.
 Overheat Back-up fuse.
 Child Safety Lock System. Prevents Accidental use of Galileo Wireless Control.
 Communication Safety Check. Shuts-off the heater if the communication is lost.
 Manual User Reset keeps the heater Off until user resets the unit.
 Safe Ceramic Technology. Self regulating element prevents overheating.
 Cool touch plastic housing.
 Thermally protected motor.
 Flame resistant V2 rated plastic housing.
 Tested Beyond UL Standards.
Choice of Full Auto or Manual operation modes.
Large LCD Display displays current/set room temperature and heat output.
16-Hour Timer turns the Heater On and Off at a preset time.
Control panel in the top of the unit away from heating elements.
Front metal grill provides safe isolation from heating elements.
Comfort grip handle on back panel allows for simple movement.
Manufacturer's Limited Warranty - 5 Years.
Width / Depth / Height: - 11" x 7.25" x 11.5"
Product Weight - 5 lb.
 Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater B/O
Important Notice!
Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater is a Brand New Product only.
Bionaire BCH4138 Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater Comes Ready to Use.
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